Lili Reinhart of Riverdales sat topless on a balcony in Venice to enjoy the stunning views

Lili Reinhart of Riverdales sat topless on a balcony in Venice to enjoy the stunning views ...

Lili Reinhart seems to be leaning towards what her post-Riverdale career holds. Even though there is still a season to go on the supernatural drama, the 25-year-old actress has already spoken out about her desire to move beyond being a teenager for the majority of her adult life. Perhaps that was what she wished she would have chosen to do when she viewed the beautiful Venice scenery from a balcony.

Lili Reinhart, the star of Netflix's Look Both Ways, posted a stunning and classy topless photo to Instagram, giving her a scalded over-the-shoulder look as she looked out at the Italian landscape last week.

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Lili Reinhart tapped into the role of Betty Cooper on the Archie Comics-based program in the fifth season, channeling her inner Lana Del Rey.

Lili Reinhart has talked about her future roles in dramatic and complex roles, and her most recent work has definitely gone in that direction. In 2019, she played stripper Annabelle in the critically acclaimed crime drama Hustlers, and she also plays a recent college graduate in the new comedy Look Both Ways.

Lili Reinhart plays Natalie, who finds herself at a crossroads on the night of her college graduation. Look Both Ways explores two different scenarios for Natalie's life, one in which she pursues her dream job in Los Angeles and one where she stays in her hometown to start a family. At the start of the film, the time progression allows Reinhart to play a character who is true to her age.

Lili Reinhart's stance on body positivity supports her consistent statements about body positivity in side-by-side pictures. In earlier seasons of Riverdale, Reinhart spoke out against body shamers who unfavorably compared her body to that of a model.

Lili Reinhart was also critical of Kim Kardashian earlier this year, when she stated that she would lose a lot of weight very quickly in order to wear a classic Marilyn Monroe outfit for the Met Gala. She asked fans to please refrain from supporting stupid, harmful celebrities who make their living.

Lili Reinhart's strong confidence in her social media posts from Venice is greatly supported by the company! All six seasons of Riverdale are available on Netflix, as are our Netflix TV schedule and Netflix movie schedule.