Portal 3 might be made by a GlaDOS voice actor

Portal 3 might be made by a GlaDOS voice actor ...

If Valve is interested, the voice actor behind GlaDOS has revealed that she's all for making Portal 3.

Ellen McLain, a voice actor, expressed her desire to reprise the role in future appearances while on Kiwi Talkz. During the latter half of the episode, she encouraged listeners to write in and email Valve if they are interested in the company remaking a third entry in the Portal series. She then explained that Valve always gave her good direction while she was working on the previous two games.

Portal 3 is being written by McLain, who mentioned that the company should not be doing it anytime soon. In a previous episode of Kiwi Talkz, Portal 2 writer Erik Wolpaw said that Valve should just do it because it has limited time to develop a sequel.

Valve appears to have shifted away from its previous flagship game releases in favor of hardware and its Steam digital storefront. Fans joke that the company simply refuses to release more than two games in a series since most of its biggest franchises, from Half-Life to Left 4 Dead to Portal, only have two numbered entries each. Portal and Portal 2 are the first titles to be released on Nintendo consoles.

The whole interview can be seen here.