In Tower of Fantasy, how can I boost the Crit Rate?

In Tower of Fantasy, how can I boost the Crit Rate? ...

Daring wanderers will be confronted with hordes of powerful opponents and world bosses in Tower of Fantasy. This is why players will continue to strive to improve their damage output by upgrading their weapons and character stats. This is where the importance of your crit rate comes into play.

What is Crit Rate in Tower of Fantasy?

The crit rate, as briefly mentioned above, is a numerical percentage indicating the probability of you sustaining significant damage against your opponent. As a result, having a high crit rate will ensure you can get multiple critical hits on your opponent in Tower of Fantasy.

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I increase my Crit Rate?

Unlike Shiro's Chakram of the Seas, Crow's Thunderblades, and Samir's Dual EM Stars, players may enhance their Character's crit damage by upgrading Equipment, acquiring Matrices, and upgrading weapons.

In Tower of Fantasy, the best Simulacras for increasing the crit rate are

After using Shiro's skill Full Bloom, Shiro's Chakram of the Seas is a powerful weapon for AoE damage.

Samir is a dual wielding simulacra who can do massive burst damage and has excellent overall CS. At Advancement level three, Samir increases his crit rate by 40% against electrified targets.

Crow is one of the finest simulations for increasing your crit rate in Tower of Fantasy. When attacking opponents from behind, you'll gain a 40% increase in your crit rate. Furthermore, if the target is electrified, the crit rate increases to 100%, and crit damage decreases by 30%.

In Tower of Fantasy, how can I increase Crit Damage?

If and when you land a critical hit, crit damage is the overall amount of damage you deal. In Tower of Fantasy, there are a few strategies you can use to boost your critical damage stats.

The Matrices in the Mind tab increase HP and Crit. The rarer the Matrice is, the more possibilities there are.

Another approach to increase your crit damage is to equip Gloves. Go to Backpack, select Equipments, and select Gloves. These provide additional attack and crit stats.

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