The Minecraft mod will give you all of your stats

The Minecraft mod will give you all of your stats ...

At this point, a Minecraft mod can do almost anything. You may modify world generation to make the game feel like Terraria, or you may make Minecraft modifications to accommodate proper underground rivers. You may also like to make bees into flying Steves, but it is best not to do it too much.

Though this particular mod does not significantly improve the gameplay experience at all, it wants you to know all you have accomplished in the game. While Minecraft already tracks a fair amount of stats in-game, there can always be more information, and if you just want a decent chunk of stats to look at, then you should definitely check out the Better Statistics Screen mod.

On CurseForge, this mod is still in its early stages, but it has already received 11k downloads. It allows you to change filters, adjust tabs, and view them however you want. It allows you to see the biomes youve seen, the items youve been using, and more.

It makes certain changes in the game a little easier to obtain, since it tracks everything in an easier-to-access manner. For example, it makes the A Healthy Diet and Monsters Hunted enhancements easier to unlock because you can see exactly what you have and havent already done.

This mod does not alter the game's world, but it's a nice little tweak that adds in a lot of functionality, and you can get the Better Statistics Screen mod from CurseForge here.

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