With a fresh update and missions, Red Dead Online surprises players

With a fresh update and missions, Red Dead Online surprises players ...

After Rockstar Games announced that it would no longer release major updates, Red Dead Online players consider the game to be dead and buried, even arranging a funeral for it. However, this did not mean support for the game has ceased.

Although Red Dead Online has become less of a studio priority (especially since Grand Theft Auto VI is in the works), Rockstar promised in July that it would continue to add new content and address player concerns with bug fixes and the like. Today, the game received a new update to do just that.

The new Red Dead Online release isn't mentioned on the website, but a Rockstars support page explains what's included. Three new Hardcore Telegram missions have been added, which can be completed solo or with up to four players. They involve stealing items and captureing members of the Seventh Generation cult, as well as the leader.

Three additional Telegrams have been updated to include a new location each, with two Showdown Modes Hostile Territory and Sport of Kings receiving four new locations each. The main aim of the update, though, is to resolve a number of issues players have been experiencing. For example, several scenarios might cause the game to crash.

It's worthwhile to keep in mind that this isnt the last game to get rid of. In July, Rockstar said that there will be many updates for the game throughout the summer. They probably won't be frequent, but players can expect further minor content enhancements and fixes until Rockstar finishes its support for it.

The future of the Red Dead series is hazy. There's no sign of a new game being developed, and a remaster of the first game was reportedly postponed for a long time.