What is the release date for Gundam Evolution?

What is the release date for Gundam Evolution? ...

SD Gundam Battle Alliance isnt the only Gundam game to be released in 2022. Thats a chibi-style action RPG where Gundam Suits vs. Gundam Evolution is a team-based hero shooter. Gundam enthusiasts who want the game to be released immediately do not have to wait to get started.

What are the release dates for PC and console versions of Gundam Evolutions?

Gundam Evolution is being released in a bit of a stalemate: PC gamers will be able to get their hands on it about two months before console gamers. Fans of Epic Games Store will have to make the switch or miss out on this one. The game will then be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on Wednesday, November 30.

During the Gundam Evolutions mission briefing, a video in which producer Kazuya Maruyama and battle director Ryota Hogaki shared a breakdown of everything you need to know before starting the game. The broadcast also revealed the first season of additional characters, including the Mahiroo and Melee Loadout Zaku II units.

What kind of game is Gundam Evolution?

Gundam Evolution is a team-based hero shooter. Those who participated in the network test know that the moment-to-moment gameplay can actually resemble Overwatch to a degree thats largely due to its UI design. As two quick examples, each Gundam suit can also fly through the air and unleash a charging attack.

At the launch, Gundam Evolution will have 12 different units to choose from. As mentioned in the mission briefing video, additional units will be added to the game over time.