Terry Silvers' next commercial for Cobra Kai is seen in the Season 5 video

Terry Silvers' next commercial for Cobra Kai is seen in the Season 5 video ...

The first episode of Cobra Kaiseason 5 will be available on Netflix sometime later this week, and it's pretty easy to say we're both excited. What can we be? This will be a fast-paced and dramatic next chapter of the story, one with a very specific Big Bad in Terry Silver.

There is really no debate that this character is the world's final metaphorical boss. With the same mean streak as John Kreese, his biggest difference is his enormous wealth and unlimited resources. He can expand and build Cobra Kai into an empire, crushing Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence.

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If you look closely below, you can see a new commercial for Cobra Kai that is all about Silver pressing the big bravado button. It's obnoxious, loud, and basically what you'd expect from him, but it's also misleading when it comes to the purpose of the dojo.

Terry Silver is a good-natured person who can schmooze in the right context. This is something that he can do to entice people to believe that he is a caring guy who cares about his students. We believe he cares mostly about winning, even if it means having to cheat in order to do it.

Is it that this kind of encouragement makes us want to join Cobra Kai? pic.twitter.com/SWg1pGhVe

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