The Daemons case in House of the Dragon season 1 episode 4

The Daemons case in House of the Dragon season 1 episode 4 ...

There are so many fascinating things to talk about as we prepare for HBO's next season of House of the Dragon.

If anything happened to King Viserys, who will be the starting point? Daemon is by far one of the series' best characters. Matt Smith is playing the idiot out of him, and he has found himself in a rather unique position. However, time (and a successful battle) can transform things.

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Daemon will return to episode 4 with a title (King of the Narrow Sea) and undoubtedly support. He was reckless and theatrical, but he deserved it. He may have gotten more recognition with not just Corlys, but many others associated with him. He brings something to the table that Rhaenyra and Aegon cannot.

Daemon would have assumed he was totally out of the picture at this point. However, everything may change, and we are totally prepared for that. Daemon may do something else significant to tip the scales in his favor; the trailers for this episode do hint at some sort of massive, shocking move that may feel like betrayal. Look at his history!

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