Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Alliances and long-term plans (day 63)

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Alliances and long-term plans (day 63) ...

Can we expect a productive day within the Big Brother 24house when Day 63 comes? In theory, that would be great. However, a lot of that will depend on how hard Terrance and/or Alyssa are going to work.

If you didnt know them already, let's go straight into the facts: Michael did not use his Veto, and Alyssa / Terrance are still on the block. Late yesterday afternoon, the intention to evict DJ Showtime was reaffirmed, so is that still the intention today?

Yes, in a word. Alyssas pitches arent going to be all that enjoyable; she's far too passive a player, and is easily one of the biggest casting mistakes this season. Terrance, meanwhile, is capable of attempting to stir things up; it's unlikely that it will succeed.

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The majority of the players in the game are anticipating, and this comes in several forms. Yesterday a three-person alliance formed with Turner, Monte, and Michael, who of course were already part of the Leftovers. This is just a way for the guys to protect themselves if a womens alliance is brewing. Alyssa has already been thrown under the bus for it, and the Brittanys have already ratted it out to Turner.

The closest thing to a dominant alliance right now is probably the Michael / Brittany / Taylor trio, although thats only because theyve been around each other the longest. Taylor has been looking in other directions, and we tend to think that in some degree, shes going to continue to see some of her other options. With Brittany, she may be able to use the alliance with Michael against Brittany, and thats without even having to scold her about Kyle for weeks.

Taylor and everyone else must spend the majority of their days preparing for the Double Eviction; there needs to be a quick decision-making process for her. We believe anyone else will take out Michael, regardless of alliances, if they have the opportunity, especially during a Double, where they can make a quick decision. Michael is also a gamer.

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