Matthew Fox, who plays Lost, explains why he came out of retirement

Matthew Fox, who plays Lost, explains why he came out of retirement ...

Matthew Fox, a lost actor, has opened up about returning to television after years away, admitting: "It's great to be back".

In 2010, he last appeared on the small screen in the long-running TV adaptation of Last Light, which he currently executive produces.

Fox explained: "One of the things that I had never done was executive production. That was sort of, you know, haunting me a little bit like, man, I really wonder what it would be like to be involved in other parts of the story other than the one I'm portraying."

While on a mission to the Middle East, Fox plays the role of a petro-chemist named Andy Yeats, who discovers an urgent issue with the world's oil supply and must unravel the mystery while protecting his family.

"I was very attracted by the setting in which the story is told, the oil crisis, and the struggle to find a reunion between this beautiful family unit separated by the crisis," Fox said.

"He's just become a very close, very good friend," he said, adding that having the chance to collaborate creatively and shoot at many different locations was also attractive."

"He was looking for something that would be worthwhile his time if he was going to be away from his family," according to director Dennie Gordon.

With the first trailer released last month, Last Light will feature Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey.

Every episode of Last Light will be released on Peacock in the United States on September 8th. The service is available through Sky and NOW in the United Kingdom.

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