'Welcome to Wrexham,' says the team's supporters, and they become the story

'Welcome to Wrexham,' says the team's supporters, and they become the story ...

Welcome to Wrexham is the story of Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as they strive to take Wrexham AFC to new heights. However, upon seeing, it becomes clear that the real stars of the documentary series are those rooted in Wrexham's local people. It's this fact that makes the show all the more relatable for us as viewers.

The four episodes released so far do not follow the original story. This was a wise decision because to the fans, in football, football is more than a game. Thus, it is only appropriate that the documentary highlight this club's true nature.

Wrexham Welcomes You to the Community

Kerry Evans was approached by Reynolds and McElhenney wanting to talk about her story, and she has since taken on a paid position at the club as their official Disability Liaison Officer. Evans described how her disability has always been a helping hand in her life, and that she wanted to take on the job at the time.

Shaun Winter, a lifelong Wrexham fan, has shared his thoughts about his previous relationships and matches. This documentary is a great example of what this club means to its fans. Without this insight into the individual lives of individuals, Wrexham would have a hard time establishing a connection to the program.

Welcome to Wrexham Highlights the Importance of Gathering Together as Fans

The Turf, a pub where footballers gather for a game, is often a location for a discussion. Almost any sports fan will relate to this, and being able to see it onscreen increases the show's reputation as relatable. There's nothing that doesn't stand out onscreen in Wayne's life as anything else.

Welcome to Wrexham is a story about real people living real lives. The show's creators have done a fantastic job in making this decision to allow these individuals to shine, and it's these people who have the closest ties to Wrexham AFC.