Beanjuice Ooblets a cup of the good stuff

Beanjuice Ooblets a cup of the good stuff ...

Do you want to know the secrets of Ooblets beanjuice? This enticing medicine helps you produce all of the energy you need to farm, and youll be doing it throughout your journey in the land of Oob. You must stay up late and plant seeds till the cows return, with enough of the delightful hot stuff to feed an army.

This handy reference for Ooblets bean juice will guide you to select the drink, purchase it, prepare it, and even plant the seeds you need to cultivate the lovely beans. If you like farming games, the Nintendo Switch, or some sort of magical combination of both, youll be waking up with a fresh cup every single morning to start your day of farming off on the right foot.

Lets have a sip of the delectable beverage otherwise known as Ooblets beanjuice.

Ooblets beanjuice

Ooblets beanjuice is a game-changing beverage made from a springbean plant which you can grow on your farm, which gives your character 40 energy and increases your run speed by fifteen. It's also available in the Cuddlecups Cafe for 30 gummies.

Springbean seeds are available for six gummies at the Meeds Seeds store on the east side of Badgetown and immediately above you when you exit your farm from the western gate. It's not many, so we recommend you buy some seeds instead.

First and foremost, you must obtain the beanjuice recipe, which may be purchased for wishes at the Badgetown wishing well. Then you must place springbeans in the crunchster to make ground springbeans, which can be purchased at the Badgetown furniture store known as Manatwee.

Cuddlecups Cafe on the west side of Badgetown sells the kettle for 1,500 gummies, so grab your bargain bag and start making beanjuice.

Hopefully, this list has just about covered all you need to know about making delicious beanjuice. If youre just getting started with Ooblets and just getting to grips with things, be sure to check out our Ooblets how to eat guide to make the most of your meal. Or check out our best farm games guide to see what to do next.