George Clooney claims to have never studied the Rom-Com genre, but I have yet to succeed in that genre

George Clooney claims to have never studied the Rom-Com genre, but I have yet to succeed in that gen ...

George Clooney may have won two Oscars, acted in over 80 films, and been recognized as one of the planet's most well-known actors for decades, but he doesn't believe he has perfected the romantic comedy genre.

Clooney, who will play Julia Roberts in the upcoming comedy Ticket to Paradise, which will be released on October 21, said it's been 28 years since he's acted in a rom-com film (apparently not counting Intolerable Cruelty in 2003).

In a joint interview with co-star and fellow executive producer Roberts, Clooney said the script [for Ticket to Paradise] was clearly written for Julia and I. I havent really done a romantic comedy since One Fine Day [in 1996] I have read it and thought, Well, if Jules is up for it, I think this will be fun.'

George and I felt a lot of joy in wanting to give people a break from life after the world had gone through a really tough time, according to Roberts.' This is exactly what I needed to know.'

Clooney, a two-time Oscar winner, previously starred opposite Roberts in the Oceans Eleven films, his most recent screen credits being Netflix's The Midnight Sky, which he also directed.

Roberts, known as Americas sweetheart, previously addressed why she avoided romantic comedies for more than 20 years before reading Ol Parkers' script for Ticket to Paradise.

I think we did not get a lot of romantic comedy from the time. You see all the effort and puppet strings because its fun and sweet and people are laughing and kissing and being mischievous, according to Roberts now told the New York Times. Also, I think its different to be reading scripts at 54 years old.

Youd break a hip, according to Clooney.

I'll break a hip! Oh, George. But it was nice to see something that was age-appropriate, where the jokes made sense, and where I appreciated and understood what these individuals were going through. That's what people want to see, not just, 'Oh, do something funny because we like that.'

If Clooney didnt sign on to play her onscreen ex-husband, as they say in the rom-com world, the rest is history with a happily ever after conclusion.