In Destiny 2, how do I get to The Conflux Lost Sector in Nessus?

In Destiny 2, how do I get to The Conflux Lost Sector in Nessus? ...

Due to their map design, Lost Sectors are some of the game's most distinctive and interesting parts, as they normally loop around to keep players close to the entrance. However, these hidden areas have gaining a large place as one of the games only dedicated Exotic farms, allowing you to target slots (though not individual Exotics) depending on when the day is.

Bungie has expanded to include some places in Nessus on the list of Lost Sectors that allow you to farm Exotics. Both the Lost Sector and the armor piece rotate every day, meaning youll always have a way to obtain Exotics for a specific slot.

Lost Sectors, which have an elective difficulty, are a popular way to test out new builds or weapons due to their ease of throwing higher-level enemies at players. The Shayotet Partisan, by some players, is also an excellent choice to test damage and builds outside of elective difficulty.

Ob youre farming for a better roll, completing your DPS, or just want to see The Conflux in Destiny 2, here's how you can get there.

In Destiny 2, how do I get to The Conflux Lost Sector in Nessus?

The Conflux is located just outside the Cistern landing zone, so get a great view of the Vex milk waterfalls. Look to your left to notice a building with a triangle-shaped entrance (which is one of the clues in the Cryptic Quatrains quest line in Season of Plunder) and a small Vex Milk waterfall to the right of your screen.

Summon your sparrow and drive along a dirt road that appears to be a dirt road, then make a left when you see the entrance to The Conflux, which is a triangular structure. You may also sparrow safely over the Vex Milk, so go closer to the waterfall to find the entrance to The Conflux.

If you want to do the Legend or Master versions of the Conflux, bring your Unstoppable and Anti-Barrier mods to deal with the champions inside. There are Void shields and a Solar burn, so adjust your loadout accordingly.