The future of Magic The Gatherings isn't limited to the past

The future of Magic The Gatherings isn't limited to the past ...

Over the course of the next year, multiple Magic: The Gathering sets will tap into the past while establishing the future, providing players with a healthy balance of new and revisited Multiverse planes.

Dominaria United, which will be released worldwide on September 9, kicks off the Phyrexian Multiverse invasion storyline that will span a total of five sets over the next year, including The Brothers War, which depicts a conflict set between Urza and Mishra. The past, however, does not necessarily represent MTG's future, according to head designer Mark Rosewater.

Many players love returning to MTG planes and events, while savoring those fond memories, with some players wanting more famous aircraft to be treated like the next The Brothers War.

Rosewater said that if we dont repeat things, it usually means that they weren't as successful as you imagined.

The idea for a return to plans like Planechase, Battlebond, and Conspiracy was discussed yesterday on Rosewater's Blogatog, claiming that their previous success would be beneficial to the players. The reaction from Rosewater was unexpected.

Resurrecting Dominarias past events will inevitably impact the plane's fate, as well as the entire MTG Multiverse. WotC is willing to revisit classic planes and events, turning them into sets when appropriate. A successful Magic set isnt just about gameplay and mechanics, it also about financial projections.

Dominaria United may be found digitally through MTG Arena and MTGO, as well as through prerelease events held from September 2 to 8. The official worldwide release of DMU will take place on September 9 and The Brothers War is scheduled to release on November 18.