QTCinderella pokes fun with last-minute Sh*t Camp drop outs: I don't have anyone here who is relevant

QTCinderella pokes fun with last-minute Sh*t Camp drop outs: I don't have anyone here who is relevan ...

During the Shit Camp opening ceremony last night, QTCinderella took no time to address the elephant in the room.

The woman who spearheaded the festivities last night talked about the circumstances surrounding those who couldnt attend in the most hilarious and hilarious way possible.

Malena couldn't make it, so Nick couldn't, so Soda couldn't, so Poke couldn't, so Gigi couldn't. So I've got no one to refer to here now.

The camera turned as she entered a slightly different scene that displayed all of the high-profile personalities in attendance. With some people online making a big deal out of those who couldnt make it, QT leaned into the perceived drama by acting like there was no way for the event to continue without those who were missing.

I thought about canceling it because I didn't want to go because Soda couldn't, but here we are, welcome to Shit Camp 2022, she said.

Malena, Nick Polom, and Sodapoppin all had reasons to refrain from attending this year's Shit Camp, but things became a little different when xQc, who was featured in the Shit Camp trailer and was on the event website and schedule, announced his absence.

Malena's main reason for not attending was that Sodapoppin wouldn't be there. In some ways, QT's sad news listing off the transitive chain of people not making it was somewhat true.

Sodapoppin is deeply embedded in and focused on leveling in the fresh WoW Classic servers that Blizzard created for the Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch. XQc was expected to attend but expressed intentions of rescheduling the event almost immediately following the news of Soda's absence.

Poke and Gigi had to leave for unrelated reasons. Poke apologized on Twitter, saying that he was dealing with mental health issues that he needed to address.

I missed out on the last minute, my fear has been going up in the last few weeks and I thought I would be able to handle it. Im sorry to @qtcinderella for letting you down, you guys will have a great event, Im sure.

Despite the few who are not attending, the event has a stellar cast of streaming enthusiasts, including Hasan Piker and several YouTubers.