Fire photographer looks at Fairview wildfire containment efforts in California

Fire photographer looks at Fairview wildfire containment efforts in California ...

One California photographer has discovered a unique reservoir from which to discover new streaming content. Last night, 564 Fire, a fire photographer who frequently covers California wildfires, streamed his coverage of the Fairview wildfire.

The Fairview wildfire, which began outside of Hemet, California, is currently 2,400 acres in size and has already forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes. Rather than locating the fire in a somewhat quiet moment, the 564 Fire gets right up to the edge of the flames.

It can be difficult to comprehend why these huge and seemingly out of control fires occur in so many areas of California and the west coast of the United States as a whole. In addition to dry conditions and high winds, there are other possibilities to quickly extinguish a fire and spread it to nearby brush.

The firefighters who were dispatched while 564 was at the Fairview fire were mostly looking for ways to evacuate homes, while others were looking for other structures close to the fire. Firefighters also used hoses to wet down the edges of the fire in their location, although sparingly.

The Fairview fire is still largely uphill in these early stages, as it remains unpredictable, and may grow to a size of 7,000 acres before firefighters can fully contain it.

@riversidecountyfire E34 on structure defense with a little help from @neptuneaviation T01 during the #FairviewFire yesterday afternoon

The process of streaming the firefights in its entirety is instructive, as viewers learned about the limited water supply that firefighters have to provide, while others assault open flames with shovels and dirt, attempting to contain and contain the flames as much as possible.