After a brutal attack, fans react to Jonathan Knights' bond with an adorable duck

After a brutal attack, fans react to Jonathan Knights' bond with an adorable duck ...

Jonathan Knight, a former teen heartthrob, is known for wooing supporters, but it's usually while he's performing with New Kids on the Block or renovating a country house on his popularHGTV show Farmhouse Fixer.

Now, the 53-year-old is melting fans' hearts over his connection with an adorable and resilient duck who survived a horrific incident over the Labor Day weekend.

Knight Cares For Duck After Farm Attack

Jonathan Knight-Rodriguez (@jonathanrknight) has shared a post.

Knight uploaded a photo on Instagram of himself snuggling with Suki, a brown duck who lives on the Massachusetts farm he shares with his husband, Harley Rodriguez late in the evening on September 5, 2022.

Knight captioned the photo. So many ups and downs. Sometime the outcome is thank God! This girl survived a Hawk attack after a long day at the vet with her dad @harley.rodriguez by her side, and she is still with us to show so much love!!! Get better soon, Suki!

In an emotional video, Knight revealed more details about himself in his Instagram Stories while he was checking on Suki late at night, with the sounds of other birds in the background.

Is it okay? Hmm? You okay? he kindly asked Suki, holding her close and kissing her on the head. Youre okay.

Knight then spoke directly to the camera, still holding the duck.

Suki was bitten by a hawk today, according to the narrator. She's not doing well. Last year she was bit by a snapping turtle that took out half her beak. She's a fighter! And so sweet. He kissed the duck once more on the top of her head.

Knight wrote, "Anxious day at the farm today!" Suki is getting a late night checkup! Her Daddy @harley.rodriguez spent half the day at the vet. We're so grateful she is still with us!

Pet ducks can live up to ten years if they aren't vulnerable to predators or expected to produce eggs year after year, according to Hobby Farms Magazine.

Fans adore the Knights' Bond with Suki and other animals.

Fans and pals were ecstatic by the Knights' post and videos about Suki.

Debbie Gibson, a fellow 80s pop star, chimed in, saying, "Oh my God, you guys are amazing" and emojid a red heart.