How to Defeat All Areas and Oryx in Destiny 2 Kings Fall Rally Guide

How to Defeat All Areas and Oryx in Destiny 2 Kings Fall Rally Guide ...

The Return of Oryx, The Taken King in Season 18 is covered in our Destiny 2 Kings Fall raid guide, which included some improvements that might deter even the most experienced players.

Check out our guide to Arc 3.0, Solar 3.0, and Void 3.0, which will help you define your character build. Damage resistance is one of the most important aspects of this raid, so Solar builds like the Warlock Dawnblade Well of Radiance, or Titan Sunbreaker builds with the Sol Invictus aspect might be your best bets.

Opening encounter: Hall of Souls

Your team must place two orbs in each of the six statues during the match, and both must be placed concurrently during the time limit displayed on both players screens. To get these orbs, place them in three sets of two or two sets of three. Make sure to keep them in sync with your teammate.

Your team will place two on the left and one on the right side of each totem as you progress through the opener. One player in each set will run the orb for each statute while the other will clear the ads in their way.

After that, clear the jumping puzzle, which is a complex puzzle that requires a fair amount of effort, but it's quite straightforward on how to do it.

First encounter: Totems

The objective of this encounter is to dunk Deathsingers Power into the centre plate. There are three rooms: one to the left, one to the right, and one to the right. Annihilator Totems are in the left and right rooms, and one player must always stand on each plate underneath them to prevent them from exploding.

Divide the team into two three-person teams. One person will be receiving Deathsingers power, one will be transferring their power, and one will be working on the Brand Claimer buff. In a relay race, the players will essentially cycle through both stations. Make sure you do the cycle on both sides.

To enliven power between players, you must acquire the Brand Claimer buff. The first player must kill the wizard on the balconies of the center room. After killing this wizard, a Blight Guard appears, which removes the buff.

Brand of the Weaver and Brand of the Unraveler are two different abilities that protect your players from damage while in the rooms. Players must stand on small plates in these rooms to receive the bonuses. After finishing the job, the other person may dunk the Deathsingers Power. This will continue until the team has exhausted enough Deathsingers Power.

Second encounter: War Priest

After killing a few ads, you'll see a note that says the Glyph reading sequence has begun. The centre totem is the one that is considered lit, and then another player should step on that plate. Unless it's the centre totem, the player can stand on themselves.

The last player to get the Brand of the Initiate buff after killing Blight Guards will be given a buff called Brand of the Initiate. This lets players gain the opportunity to steal the Brand of the Initiate buff, resetting its timer. Cycle this between two players. To deal damage to the War Priest, all players must remain within the radius of the Brand of the Initiate buff.

Third encounter: Golgoroth

Split your team into two players who will capture Golgoroths attention and four damage dealers. The players who capture his attention allow the others to damage his critical area, his stomach. Players must stand in a Pool of Reclaimed Light, which comes from orbs on the ceiling, to effectively damage Golgoroth. The damage dealers must then shoot the critical hit spot.

The two players assigned to capture his gaze should not be mutated until the team deals enough damage to kill him. Keep an eye on the Tablet of Ruin, which contains unneeded Orbs of Light. When it's maxed out, it will be a team wipe.

Fourth encounter: Daughters of Oryx

The encounter is split into two-minute segments. After two minutes, the player must have the Brand Aura buff to protect against the daughters wipe attacks. To do this, you must steal three pieces of Blight Guard.

The two daughters will be in the center. Divide the room into four quadrants and assign a player to each quadrant and a corresponding plate.

Start the encounter by finding the plate with a Knight and a green flame. The player assigned to that plate should jump on it. Torn players will notice a bright light above another plate, which they should point to so the player assigned to that quadrant can reach the orb. Repeat the process twice more by having a player stand on the next glowing green platform.

The player should take a look at the daughters and see which one isn't glowing, then place the orb on her platform the third time around.

The daughters will be damaged, but the player will also receive the Aura of Immortality. The Aura makes the player who has it and those in their vicinity immune to the damage caused by their singing. Therefore, the team can now work together to DPS the daughters. Additionally, it protects against the two-minute wipe.

How to beat Oryx, The Taken King

Assign the team members to each platform and designate two roamers for this encounter. Kill ads until Oryx slams his hand on a plate, then a player becomes torn and meets another player on a glowing plate to find the next plate. The Blight Guard is a product of the Blight Guard.

One major difference is that once a player has acquired the Blight Guard, plates will catch fire, causing any players standing on them to get stuck in dodge. As you will need these for the encounter, kill the Light Eater Knights to prevent them from eating the bombs.

The Vessel of Oryx will appear when you obtain the second Blight Guard. The person responsible for the third piece of Blight Guard should steal the Vessels shield with the Brand Claimer, which youll earn with the Blight Guard piece, and which also grants the Aura of Immortality. Since you need the Taken blights to kill Oryx, kill the Vessel as soon as possible after you steal the shield.

Players should stand in the blight bombs until they see their names in the lower left corner of the room, and each player should return to the Aura of Immortality. (L1, L2, R1, and R2 are effective, although you may opt for burger callouts if you want).

Oryx does either he will drop a massive ball in the middle of the room where players have to dodge Shades of Oryx, or he will rip away from the arena and bombard players with Taken explosions. Continue moving around.

The final damage phase starts when Oryx reaches the front of the room, an ogre will spawn at the right front plate and drop a bomb. Soon after, the second ogre will spawn and drop a bomb. After your team kills the second ogre, Oryx will call on the darkness. All other players must shoot at him to kill him.

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