Slime Rancher's How to Get Slime Keys

Slime Rancher's How to Get Slime Keys ...

Players explore a desert stuffed with colorful little insects called Slimes. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and abilities. There are 16 different varieties of Slimes to catch and bring back to The Ranch, giving ranchers the freedom to rear a wide variety of livestock.

The game's main Slimes are also known as Gordo Slimes. Each Gordo Slime has its own particular needs that must be satisfied in order to be satisfied. These include accessing teleporters to previously unreachable locations, collecting loot, and acquiring Slime Keys that may be used to unlock new areas.

Where to find Slime Keys in Slime Rancher

Players will have to locate Gordo Slimes, which are often hidden across the map, in order to obtain all 11 Slime Keys. Here are all of the Gordo Slimes that provide Slime Keys:

  • Pink Gordo
  • Phosphor Gordo
  • Pink Gordo #2
  • Honey Gordo
  • Hunter Gordo
  • Rad Gordo
  • Crystal Gordo
  • Boom Gordo
  • Quantum Gordo
  • Dervish Gordo
  • Mosaic Gordo

After gathering all of the Slime Keys, players will be able to open two kinds of Gates: Slime Gates and Vault Gates. In total, there are eight Slime Gates and three Vault Gates. Ranchers will have a nice bounty of gold plorts and a one-way teleporter back to The Ranch.