Jennifer Lawrence explains the name of her baby as she talks about motherhood

Jennifer Lawrence explains the name of her baby as she talks about motherhood ...

After giving birth earlier this year, Jennifer Lawrence has spoken up about becoming a mother.

In February 2022, the Hunger Games actress welcomed a little one with her husband Cooke Maroney, but kept the details secret.

She has now revealed that she has a baby boy named Cy, named after American painter Cy Twombly.

"It's so terrifying to talk about motherhood," she said in an interview with Vogue.

"Only because it's so different for everyone. If I say 'It was amazing from the beginning,' others will think 'It wasn't amazing for me at first,' and feel bad.

"It's good to have so many girlfriends who were honest.

"Who were like, 'It's scary. You may not connect right away. You may not fall in love right away.' So I was so prepared to be forgiving.

"I remember walking with one of my best friends at about nine months old and being like, 'Everybody keeps saying that I will love my baby more than my cat. But that's not the case. Maybe I'll love him as much as my cat?"

She continued: "I felt like my entire life had begun over. Like, now is the first day of my life. I just stared. I just looked.

"I was so in love with babies everywhere."

"Newborns are just so amazing. They're these tiny, pink creatures who survived these painful experiences. Now I love all babies.

"Now I hear a baby crying in a restaurant and I'm like, 'Awwww, precioussss."

After starring in 14 films in seven years, the actress of Don't Look Up explained why she took a break from acting.

"I was not delivering the quality that I should have," she said.

"I just think everybody had gotten sick of me. I'd gotten sick of myself.

"It had just gotten to a point where I couldn't do anything right." If I walked on a red carpet, it would be, 'Why didn't she run?' I think I was people-pleasing for the majority of my life."