The aftermath of James Bailey's diagnosis is revealed on Coronation Street

The aftermath of James Bailey's diagnosis is revealed on Coronation Street ...

There will be spoilers on Coronation Street.

In new Corrie scenes, James Bailey's aspiring football career ties together.

The incident of James out on the pitch will cause a charity match between Rovers Return and The Flying Horse to be overshadowed. He'll then be told by doctors that he has cardiomyopathy and must be fitted with an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) in order to avoid further cardiac arrests.

But where does he go from here?

Following this troubling diagnosis, James suggests to his mother Aggie that a life without the beautiful game is beyond bearable, insisting that he can't wait to return to the field.

For the time being, Aggie manages to conceal the inner turmoil this brings.

What will James say when Weatherfield County FC's manager taps him up to discuss his future plans? Will he get the all-clear to play football again?

Nathan Graham, who plays James, spoke up about his character's difficult situation a week ago, saying, "I don't think he can imagine himself working for his dad or pulling pints in the Rovers." Football and sport are the only things he has ever known. When he was injured last time, he acquired his coaching certification, so that is an option.

"I've received some fantastic stories since I joined, so it's great to have another that might assist others." "It's nice and humbling that people trust you with these stories. So, I hope I've done my job correctly."

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