How to Defeat Mega Alakazam in Pokemon Go

How to Defeat Mega Alakazam in Pokemon Go ...

New Mega-Evolved versions of popular Pokemon have been released as Raid bosses periodically since Mega Evolution was included in Pokemon Go in 2020. Players will earn Mega Energy and a chance to catch the base version of that Pokemon when defeating the Pokemon in these Mega Raids.

Mega Alakazam is now appearing in Mega Raids across the world as part of the ongoing Psychic Spectacular event. This Psychic-type Mega Evolution, which first appeared in Pokemon X and Y in 2013, has one of the highest Special Attack and Speed stats of all Pokemon currently known, though it retains the fragility that Alakazam normally has.

Mega Alakazam will only be available in Mega Raids from September 6 to September 12, the same duration as the Psychic Spectacular event, which includes increased spawn rates for a variety of rare Psychic-type Pokemon. Players are now also able to acquire Alakazam Mega Energy by making an Alakazam their buddy.

How to beat Mega Alakazam in Pokemon Go

Mega Alakazam is a pure Psychic-type Pokemon that is exceptionally susceptible to Dark, Ghost, and Bug-type moves. Due to its extremely low defense stat, these types of moves cause huge damage, leading to Raid battles that some players may find easier to win than average Mega Raids.

Mega Alakazam can do significant damage in succession due to its high attack stat. Moves such as Future Sight, Focus Blast, and Shadow Ball can deplete the HP of all opponents, even those who refuse moves of these types. Fortunately, the Psi Pokemon is unlikely to remain standing for too long.

Darkrai, Yveltal, and Tyranitar, a dark-type Pokemon, can deal super-effective damage to Mega Alakazam while also reversing damage from its Psychic-type attacks. Giratina, Chandelure, Scizor, and Golisopod, a ghost and bug-type Pokemon, have access to super-effective moves against Mega Alakazam, although they lack the inherent resistance to Dark-type moves.

Mega Alakazam's high HP should be compensated for by bulky Steel-type Pokemon like Melmetal, Dialga, and Metagross, who are not capable of absorbing many hits from the game.

Players should avoid using Fighting and Poison-type Pokemon in this battle unless they are part-Dark-type. These Pokemon will fall before Mega Alakazam is even able to use its charge attack, making it difficult to defeat this foe.

Following the conclusion of the Psychic Spectacular event on Sept. 12, it is unclear if and when Mega Alakazam will return to Mega Raids, though players will continue to earn Alakazam Mega Energy as their buddy.