Eido who is played by Destiny 2?

Eido who is played by Destiny 2? ...

Destiny 2's world is vast and varied, with the game only scratching the surface of the game's general lore. Over the past several years, there have been many changes as unexpected allies have been made. We're introduced to new characters like Eido, who many instantly fall in love with. Here's how Crabcakes came to be.

Destiny 2 Eido Lore

Eido was discovered by Misraaks and Sjur Eido as an infant aboard a House of Devils skiff during the Endless Night, joining her father and the other Eliksnki refugees on their journey to the newly founded Eliksni Quarter in the Last City.

Eido is a Scribe of House Light and thus, records the history of her clan and their people when they first arrived in the Eliksni Quarter. She continues to offer her assistance and expertise while the Guardian fights Eramis of House Darkness in recovering ancient Eliksni artifacts.

There are rumors about Bungie's future in the Destiny universe. Those who doubt she'll be killed off and become the first Eliksni Guardian are concerned that things will turn dark in the Lightfall expansion, since the Hive has recently received the gift of the Light. Time will tell, but it is our duty as Guardians to protect the Little Sister.