Aranyaka, the world quest guide for Genshin Impact Garden Fairies

Aranyaka, the world quest guide for Genshin Impact Garden Fairies ...

Garden Fairies is a mini World Quest that can be accepted from an Aranara named Aralila during the Festival Utsava. It's a requirement for completion of the Festival, so don't skip it if you're following the Aranyaka questline.

How to Get the Genshin Impact Garden Fairies Sumeru World Quest

Garden Fairies can only be unlocked while you're working on the Festival Utsava World Quest. At the first part of the Festival, you must speak with many Aranara to receive their Flowers. Head to the circled in the image below to find Aralila and accept the quest.

How to Finish the Garden Fairies Sumeru World Quest in Genshin Impact

Aralila and Aranishat are completing to see who's better at hiding, based on how long you need to find them.

Navigate to the quest area by referencing the highlighted section of the mini-map. Climb the big landform in the middle to find Aralila hiding behind the rock circled in the above image. You'll then be asked to find Aranishat next.

The quest area will be highlighted in the mini-map's upper left corner. There is no limit to how many you may break, but you may find Aranishat by smashing the box highlighted in the above image using any attack.

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