In Disney Dreamlight Valley, where can I find all of the Royal Tools?

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, where can I find all of the Royal Tools? ...

Explore the magical world of Dreamlight Valley and assist the characters in restoring peace and harmony by eliminating all evil thorns and presence. You can make your own avatar, decorate your house, harvest and craft materials, and more. However, first, you will need to locate all of the necessary Royal Tools.

Where can I find the Watering Can in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Watering Can is the easiest Royal Tool to find, hidden right behind your house, as shown by the circled avatar on the map above. You'll need to remove the branches and other debris that are blocking the way. The Watering Can is located behind some barrels at the back of the house and will be useful for watering your plants and crops.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, where can I find the Shovel?

The Shovel tool is located just across the square near the Chez Remy restaurant. It is used to dig deeper and discover unique materials and ingredients.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, where can I find the Pickaxe?

The Pickaxe is perhaps the most powerful tool used to break through rocks and deposits in order to obtain stone or other shiny materials, such as gems and ores. Merlin instructs you to remove the Pickaxe from the stone when you choose it. Doing so removes the world of the darkness that surrounds it, and rewards you with the excellent tool. (When looking at your map, it will be on the right side.)

Where can I find the Fishing Rod in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Royal Tool Fishing Rod isn't difficult to find, but it takes a little extra effort to collect. A broken rod can be found near a pond on the western side of Peaceful Meadow, right near Goofy's Stand. You will need to send it to Goofy for him to repair it, and in return, he will give you the rod.

Once you have all of your Royal Tools, you can begin harvesting materials and collecting items necessary to craft or construct new objects. Almost everything in Dreamlight Valley is a helpful resource that you can utilize for your benefit, so get them to work!

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