Bachelorette fans claim that producers are leaving out vital information on this finalist

Bachelorette fans claim that producers are leaving out vital information on this finalist ...

Tino Franco and his family have been the subject of a lot of negative speculation this season of The Bachelorette. Many fans initially liked the first-impression rose, but were turned off by his jealous Tino temper tantrum, as reported by Vulture. Franco stormed off and questioned his relationship with Rachel Recchia, the Bachelorette who chose Zach Shallcross for her one-on-one date instead of him. Ethan Kang, a fellow contestant, even called him a baby back bitch in the

After visiting Recchia in her hometown, things got worse for Franco. Many fans were outraged by how sceptical his father, Joe, was about the whole Bachelor/Bachelorette process. One fan wrote on Reddit, "This guy really rubs me the wrong way."

ABC Is Not Telling Fans the Whole Story

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Tino Franco and his family's background are upset that ABC has slashed a large part of their story, thus claiming them of skewing their report. An article in The Santa Clarita Valley Signal depicts Franco holding a plaque for 2019 Hero of the Year at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times.

Mateo, Francos younger brother, was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 7 years old, and he recalls how helpful Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times was for him. According to The Signal, the charitable organization is a free camp for children with cancer and their families to relax from the stresses of treatment and simply be children.

Mateo is cancer-free, yet Franco has continued to attend the camp now as a counselor, and it has remained a major part of his life. So much so that in October, he was chosen the 2019 Hero of the Year in the Hero for Healing, a six-week fundraising competition for the camp.

Tino told The Signal that the community had done a lot for me in making me understand the subliminal terror behind all the things that were happening as a kid, and that I just felt like it was a way I could give it back.

The Bachelorette has not allowed viewers to learn more about Tino Franco or the hardships he and his family have gone through.

The Fans Made Their Feelings Known

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Many users on Reddit dismissed Franco and his family's opinions. One user wrote, "I understand where his parents are coming from a little more now," but having had a child with cancer is real, it's as real as you can get, and it's tough and takes a toll on a marriage, which Tino appears to be for.

Another viewer commented, Yayy has finally shown me some love for Tino:D. Another fan commented, this is really beautiful and meaningful and I just want to give him a hug for this, both for the effort and as a co-parent of a previously ill child.

While some fan opinions may have changed about Franco, many have reacted strongly against production. One commenter explained, these contestants have a lot more layers than we ever see on a highly edited and artificial program.

Another wrote, I assumed they would mention this after Rachel informed his mother that she thinks it's wonderful that she donates blood, but nope. They really don't want you to know any of these contestants. Someone else declared, Ofc TPTB never air truly meaningful stories and aspects of the contestants like this.

Another viewer commented that his story is amazing. I wish we had the chance to see this side of him instead of the one they have depicted on the program.

In the award photo, there was also a lot of yea-or-nay discussion about Franco's hair's length.