Tino Francos father advised him not to have sex in the fantasy suite

Tino Francos father advised him not to have sex in the fantasy suite ...

Tino Franco is one of Rachel Recchias' final three on the current season of The Bachelorette, which means he was given the opportunity to go to the Fantasy Suite.

Tino received some advice from his parents, Joe and Sandi Franco, before they decided to film the show. They basically advised him never to have sex with anyone on the show. The revelation was made via a now-defunct Facebook post.

First rule from a long-time Bachelor-Franchise watcher.. Don't sleep with the bachelorette during the taping of the show.. Best of luck! One of Joes Facebook friends commented on one of his posts about Tino going on the show. Both had a lot of drama on the bachelor and both slept with him during the show, according to the person.

When Joe said yes, we told him the same thing when he left for the show.

Most of the finalists end up sleeping with the lead in the Fantasy Suite, as this is a big part of the two deciding if they have chemistry and if they are compatible. No word on Joe's reaction once his son got to that stage.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Joe was chastised by fans for his actions towards Rachel in his hometowns.

Rachel left Tino's house to meet his family for a visit, and she was treated with a variety of icy personalities. At the end of the date, she felt less than warm and fuzzy and expressed such to Tino, who promised her that his parents loved her.

Both Joe and Sandi grilled Rachel, but Joe took the blame for the internet criticism following the episode.

Joe was extremely averse to the planning process and expressed such views on video. When Tino said he was going to propose, Joes response was, what are you talking about after two months?

Joe has had similar reactions to people on Facebook. When someone commented that the program was all about Tino from the start, Joe replied, "So true, fun to see how this plays out." Not sure if Tino will get out of this. Hope it will be a wonderful adventure.

A slew of times, Joe has posted about his son being on The Bachelorette.

Tino Franco (@tino.360) has shared a post.

Joe has been a lot of #TeamTino on his Facebook page, but he appears to be extremely sceptical about the whole process.

Yes, our oldest son is on the Bachelorette, and the first impression grew whatever that is. Never have seen the show, but saw it on Monday, though. Sam Rubin of KTLA 5 ripped everyone to shreds, but he doesnt know a thing about Tino, Joe wrote on Facebook on July 11, 2022.

We're not sure how we feel about the idea of finding your soul partner on TV and Sams right, but nothing wrong with a little fun It's not 60 Minutes. Lets hope Tino doesn't put shame on the name, and, above all, he may not be welcomed back home if he cries on the program!

The Bachelorette's final episode will air on Tuesday, September 6, 2022.