Transmog and anime tie-ins are added to the new Cyberpunk 2077 update

Transmog and anime tie-ins are added to the new Cyberpunk 2077 update ...

The latest Cyberpunk 2077 update is now out, including the long-awaited transmog system as well as some new quests and Easter eggs that fit perfectly with the NSFW Cyberpunk 2077: Edgerunners anime series. Both Cyberpunk 2077 1.6 and the Cyberpunk Edgerunners update will also be included, although Xboxn One and PlayStation 4 will still receive minor updates to keep the game going.

In a new Edgerunner-themed quest, David Martinez can track down his iconic yellow jacket in Cyberpunk 2077. Though CDPR has confirmed that the Edgerunners story is indeed part of Cyberpunk 2077 lore.

You may wear David's jacket or any other piece of clothing without having it affect your stats thanks to the Wardrobe transmog system. Up to six different outfits may be saved in your Wardrobe slots and uploaded for viewing on any platform, and there are new cosmetics and hair styles to choose from.

The Edgerunners update includes CDPR arcade cabinets throughout Night City, where you can play CDPR games in 8-bit versions, such as Roach Race, featuring Geralt of Rivias lovely horse. This game is also available for free on mobile devices.

Future Cyberpunk updates will include other much-awaited features, such as enhanced car combat and the police, new reward actions, more cyberware, and a new melee loop, although this is anyone's guess at this time.

On the CDPRs website, you can find the whole list of Edgerunner update patch notes.

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