For those who are battling over Animal Crossing's inconvenience, Disney Dreamlight Valley might be the solution. Early Access hands-on impressions

For those who are battling over Animal Crossing's inconvenience, Disney Dreamlight Valley might be t ...

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was like a beacon of hope for many who had to give up their gruesome lives for the whole year. Many soon realized how minuscule the game was. Now, there is another beacon of hope in Disney Dreamlight Valley, a new simulation game that allows you to take control of an avatar you construct and live out a fantasy-driven Disney existence in the wilderness of Dreamlight Valley.

The Forgetting is a deadly plague that has spread out over the residents, and it is your job to assist them in finding their lost memories. This game may fill the gap in your heart where a sim game belongs.

Customizing the world

Dreamlight Valley includes the ability to personalize your space to suit your mood. This ability allows you to personalize your character, house, and the whole valley. Once you have entered a menu, delete unwanted items, and replace them with items you want.

Although you will not have a lot of items at the start of the game, you will quickly begin accumulating them by visiting the Scrooge McDucks store and opening chests scattered across the map. Thanks to the landscaping tool, I quickly deleted trees, moved them around, and placed more ones.

Residents that matter

The lack of NPC interaction in Animal Crossing: New Horizons was fixed, but the villagers still needed something. Dreamlight Valley, on the other hand, has residents to spend time with.

As you increase your Friendship Level with a resident, they will reward you with new items, Star Coins, and more. Each resident that I encountered offered various quests that were unlocked as I developed my relationship with them. This gave me the motivation to continue to interact with each of the residents. Even shopkeepers like Scrooge McDuck and Goofy can be interacted with throughout the day.

The dark side of Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley is a great game, but there are still a few flaws. From my experience, the game is clunky and lags a lot. I doubt that everybody experienced the same technical issues as I did. When entering and exiting buildings, as well as when I accessed my inventory to customize my town a bit more, the game did well.

Despite the difficulties that I encountered, I found myself enjoying the interactions with the residents of the valley and the level of customization that I received during my time with Animal Crossing. Although there are still some issues to be resolved, there is no doubt that kids and Disney Adults everywhere will enjoy their time in Dreamlight Valley.