Melissa McBride on Carols' Future on The Ewalking Dead Season 11

Melissa McBride on Carols' Future on The Ewalking Dead Season 11 ...

Melissa McBride will be a big part of The Walking Deadseason 11, which will release its final batch of episodes later this year.

Beyond that, things begin to become more cryptic. Once upon a time, the actress was expected to co-star with Norman Reedus in a spin-off program that would have told the story of Daryl and Carols. However, she was unable to relocate to Europe, where filming would take place. That was a disappointment, although we long expected her to return some time later on.

Melissa herself confirmed that this is 100% true during a fall interview with Entertainment Weekly: She said she's done with the Carols story after season 11:

Carol believes she has a lot more to say. Ill leave it at that I think she has a lot more to say.

Of course, thats a big part of why things are so complicated. She might even be included in the Daryl spin-off later on; or, she may be included in the limited series being planned with Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira. For the time being, we agree with AMC keeping the cards close to the vest, particularly since theyve probably already shared some information on the Negan Maggie spin-off, and by virtue of that, promised that both of them would make it through the final season alive.

The most important thing is that this universe honors Carol; after all, there are only a few individuals who have shown so much loyalty to the world over the years.