Todd Chrisley discusses the issue of people saying they understand his situation prior to the sentencing of bank fraud

Todd Chrisley discusses the issue of people saying they understand his situation prior to the senten ...

Todd and Julie Chrisley, who were found guilty of bank fraud in May and tax evasion in October, have all requested an acquittal and a new trial, and in the meantime have continued to profess their innocence while putting out new episodes of their podcast Chrisley Confessions.

Todd Chrisley makes the following hot take comparison regarding people who come up and offer what he apparently sees as faux compassion in the 198th episode of Chrisley Confessions: Holding on to Hurt, Spiritually Attacked, and Gods Plan.

People only know what they know. So if someone says, I know what you're going through, no, you won't, because you've been through it. It's like me saying to a parent whose child is dying of cancer, I know what youre going through.' I do not know, and I thank God that I don't know what you're going through. My heart hurts for you, but I thank God that his battle has not been one that he has given me.

It's hard to predict that anyone's first instinct would be to equate handling the aftermath of a tax evasion conviction with dealing with a child dying of cancer. But so it goes. Todd Chrisley at least makes his point abundantly clear, and it does make sense in a tautological manner.

You may have not gone through the criminal procedures that we have gone through, or the trials, or having your name slammed. So you can't understand what this has done to us. Just like I can't understand what it's like to hold your child in fear that your child will be spared.

Todd and Julie Chrisley are technically incapable of being 100% able to understand each other's suffering because they differ on their interpretations. But they are nevertheless contributing to the idea that people should not blindly admit that they understand another's suffering, trauma, or general unhappiness.

Julie Chrisley followed up her husband's words by saying: "They've all been doing well."

I think thats what we need to realize that we all have our flaws and we all have our hard times, and every persons hard moment is important to them. You don't know what someone's going through, that you might meet in the grocery store, or what they're doing just to try to keep them together.

Be kind to others at any and all times at all times, and unless you're a reality TV personality who just lost a court battle against bank fraud allegations, try to avoid directly reaching out to Todd Chrisley.

Todd Chrisley has admitted that he did not make the correct decision in his conviction and that he will come out of this legal battle on the right side of things.

The sentencing hearing will take place in October, avoiding any court delays, so its unclear what the Chrisleys' futures will be, nor whether or not their reality TV reign will continue on USA with Season 10 and beyond.