After his Whale Standing Ovation, the director of Batgirls sends a sweet message to Brendan Fraser

After his Whale Standing Ovation, the director of Batgirls sends a sweet message to Brendan Fraser ...

Brendan Fraser is currently in the midst of a remarkable comeback experience, which the public has officially dubbed the Brenaissance. The actor returns with new projects on both small and silver screens, including his new Darren Aronofsky drama The Whale and the canceled Batgirl film. One of the Batgirl co-directors wrote a sweet message for Fraser after he received a standing ovation for The Whales' premiere in Venice.

The Whale is in this category, and the premiere received a lot of praise from Brendan Fraser, especially after the two worked on the controversial Batgirl film. He posted a video of the actor crying as a result of the reactions on Instagram.

Brendan Fraser is a delight to work with, and we can't wait for The Whale. It was an amazing privilege to work with this amazing person! He deserves the BEST!

How sweet is that? While the fate of the Batgirl film may be harrowing for fans and artists alike, Adil El Arbi had a fantastic time collaborating on the canceled entry for the DC Extended Universe. While their collaboration might not see the light of day, the filmmaker is nonetheless pleased to see Fraser receiving all of the support from The Whale.

Adil El Arbis' passion for Brendan Fraser is sure to turn some heads, as the public was enthralled by seeing the 53-year-old actor join the DCEU as the villainous Batman rogue known as Firefly. However, Warner Bros. ultimately decided to pass on the project after spending tens of millions on the comic book adaptation.

Brendan Frasers starpower has been resurrected on the small screen in Doom Patrol and Professionals. Aside from The Whale, he has other film projects on his bucket list, although Batgirl is unlikely to be one of them.

The Batgirl film was intended to be the first entry into the DC Extended Universe to be available exclusively for streaming on HBO Max. Brendan Fraser, J.K. Simmons, and the great Michael Keaton were all cast members that participated in the shared universes' overall story. Warner Bros. decided to abandon the project entirely and received a significant tax benefit in the process.

The Whale is expected to be released on December 9th in cinemas. In the meantime, check out the 2022 film release dates to plan your next movie adventure.