A streamer for Overwatch 2 may have unintentionally leaked a new hero name

A streamer for Overwatch 2 may have unintentionally leaked a new hero name ...

The fox girl rumour has returned thanks to an Overwatch streamers potential flaw.

John Wanted Lin, a Twitch streamer, was one of a handful of content creators who had the chance to meet with Blizzard to discuss Overwatch 2 before the games' release in October. After hearing more information about the game, Wanted told his viewers that he's confident that the Overwatch buzz will return.

However, Wanted may have gotten a little too enthused about the top-secret information he witnessed. When asked if there are any additional characters he may wish to introduce, he seemed to say more than he should, leading him to awkwardly backtrack.

Kiri Wanted was just getting started.

Wanted appeared to recognize what he was saying and abruptly stopped talking. After a surprised jolt, Wanted attempted to pretend he was talking about Kirito from Sword Art Online.

Kirito, man Kirito Have you guys ever seen Kirito? Wanted awkwardly asked after an uncomfortable bout of laughter.

It's possible that Wanted accidentally leaked a person with a name similar to Kirito. However, he might have been trolling due to recent debunked claims about a fox-like support hero named Kiriko.

A trusted Overwatch 2 leaker revealed that Kiriko the fox would be released on October 4 when the game launches, leading many to believe that Kiriko would be released.

On 4chan, a fox girl character was also rumored, leading Jon Spector to declare the character to be a fake. However, it's possible that Kiriko, a trusted Reddit leaker, will appear in Overwatch 2.

Kiriko may not be a fox girl, but the mysterious character is likely to be enough for serious Overwatch streamers like Wanted to consider switching their main characters to them. Unfortunately, nothing is currently known about the possible character's abilities or design. So it's no surprise that the rumors are still flying around right now.