Slime has gotten over people joking about the drama in a chat

Slime has gotten over people joking about the drama in a chat ...

Slime, a Smash Bros. commentator, Twitch streamer, and Ludwig Ahgren's manager, recently took issue with chatters contacting him about the ongoing happening at the QTCinderellas Shit Camp.

Slime, one of the most popular livestreamers, has often vented his displeasure about influencer culture and parasocial viewers. Notorious for prohibiting viewers from attempting to deduct his opinion on virtually anything, Slime has rarely, if ever, interjected himself into streamers' affairs.

Following criticisms, XQc's sudden departure from QTCinderellas Shit Camp and Hasan Pikers has sparked renewed interest in the streamer drama scene, spawning debate across many Twitch channels. And while receiving emails attempting to solicit his views, Slime eventually reached a boiling point.

I was thinking about that fucking stupid message in chat that said 'did you hear the drama?' Slime said in the middle of a VALORANT game. I wish you were dead. That's the drama.

Slime went on to ridicule the viewer's apparent fixation: Im OK. Did you see the drama? I live a ludicrous, monotonous existence. Did you see it?'

Slime stated that he did not have an opinion to add to any future Shit Camp or any other streamer drama in general. After viciously lashing the unnamed viewer, Slime is likely to avoid further queries about streamer drama in the near future.

Slimes' opinion on the issue will not be heard anytime soon, although xQc and Hasan Piker continue to argue over the issue of the French-Canadian bailing on Shit Camp.