In Apex Legends, who is Mila?

In Apex Legends, who is Mila? ...

Apex Legends fans have still fallen in love with some of the non-playable characters in the game, whether it's Detective Victor Maldera from Fight Night or Caustic and Cryptos' mother (who finally appeared in season nine). You don't have to be in the Apex Games to enthuse Apex fans.

Even before Maldera or Katerina Ticacek Nox, Apex's most prominent non-player characters arose. Mila Alexander, the cryptocurrency's foster sister, appeared in season three, but largely took a back seat in the lore until season 14 and the Overtime comic series brought her to light again.

Mila Alexander was a major character in the Cryptos narrative. Though the narrative indicated her being dead, her reappearance in season six pushed this notion down the drain and exposed a plot thread that had remained largely unexplored until now.

Who is Mila in Apex Legends?

Tae Joon Park, an orphan from the streets of Suotamo who lived at the Ticacek Orphanage, was chosen to work for the Apex Games, designing drones to broadcast the most popular bloodsport in the Outlands.

Tae Joon and Mila discovered one of the Syndicates' most important secrets, a prediction algorithm that would allow the Syndicate to rig bets in the Apex Games. Mila wanted to use it, but Tae Joon disagreed.

He assures us that these individuals will find us and slaughter us. We will find our new beginning. This is just not the case.

The following morning, Crypto learned about Mila's death and that he was a suspect, meaning the Syndicate made Mila disappear and blamed Tae Joon Park for it. A police siren blared in the background, and bounty hunters from the Syndicate knocked on his door, just in time for him to make a close getaway.

The hacker believed the Syndicate murdered Mila and blamed it on Tae Joon Park. He gave up his previous identity and adopted the pseudonym Hyeon Crypto Kim as a means for him to continue his quest to clear his name. Crypto hacked into the Apex Games (using the Repulsor crash in season two as a distraction) to infiltrate the Syndicate and destroy the organization from within, while also removing suspicion about him being Tae Joon Park.

Mila made a few appearances in season six of Cryptos. T, it's me, she says through a Cryptos drone. Be careful. He's watching you. She also appeared in a series of messages throughout the season, explaining what she did to her and advising Crypto that she was watching him.

Mila explains that the Syndicate followed her, and though she eluded the organization at first, the Syndicate eventually caught up with her. She threw Mila in a room and inquired about Tae Joon Parks' whereabouts, bypassing the doors that imprisoned her, and warning Crypto that someone was watching him from the inside.

Mila resurfaced in the Overtime comic series and in the season 14 quest, although he was unaware that he had stolen the comms link to Mila and his ability in the Syndicate to fix the Apex Games. He later attempted to reclaim the comms link in the season 14 quest.

Wattson and Crypto spent months repairing the comms unit, and they finally achieve their goal in the second chapter of the Friends Like These quest. Wattson fixes it while Crypto is away, and though Mila's first instinct is to invite the hacker, Wattson asks her not to.

I miss that dumb nerd, but he can't help but notice it, says Wattson. In fact, this comms unit you just fixed? He cant help but notice it was fixed as well.

Mila stated that she is working with the Syndicate to find out who framed them, and that if Crypto discovers it, he would rip out and ruin everything, or, even worse, he might lose his trust in Mila.

Natalie, if Tae comes after me, that person he wiped off his back goes right back on. You'd be protecting him.

Mila seems to have a similar method to Cryptoworking inside the Syndicate to clear her name, though she isnt a participant in the Apex Games. That said, some fans have been anticipating her to enter the competition, and her name often flows around in speculation about who the next legend might be.