Who will take the sh*t camp in 2022?

Who will take the sh*t camp in 2022? ...

The QT Cinderellas Shit Camp is returning this year for another week of in-person interactions between some of Twitch's most well-known content creators.

Valkyrae, Ludwig, and Hasan are just a few of the big names to attend, but there are some that are likely to be absent.

Let's do it again. pic.twitter.com/QDDxNAYkya

xQc has stated that he does not intend to attend because Sodapoppin will not be there in the trailer for the event, although his name was mentioned earlier this week. It is unclear if xQc's statements during a stream earlier this week were a joke or if he will actually be there.

Sodapoppin, Nick Polom, and Malena, a trio of Texas content creators who live together, were not listed as going. Malena has stated that next week she will have personal commitments that contradict Shit Camps schedule.

The lack of interest in Sodapoppins likely reflects similar scheduling-related issues. Blizzard earlier this week opened up fresh WoW Classic servers for the Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch, and since Tuesday, Soda has been consumed by WoW, attempting to level a new character as soon as possible in preparation for the upcoming Classic expansion.

Poke, who was previously scheduled to speak, announced on Twitter that he would have to stay home from the event to discuss mental health issues that involved anxiety. His partner also decided not to attend following Pokes' decision.

I missed the shit camp last time, but I knew I could. Im sorry to @qtcinderella for letting you down, you guys will have a fantastic event im sure.

Who is going to Shit Camp 2022?

QTCinderella has confirmed all of the content creators for Shit Camp 2022. This list may change as more people enter Shit Camp.

  • Adept
  • Valkyrae
  • AustinShow
  • Maya
  • Hasan
  • Will Neff
  • Kaceytron
  • Cyr
  • Myth
  • Ludwig
  • Brittany Britt Alexander
  • Zoil
  • Rich Campbell
  • Erobb