Does the progress from the Moonbreaker playtest continue?

Does the progress from the Moonbreaker playtest continue? ...

Unknown Worlds, the team behind Subnautica, is releasing Moonbreaker in early access on September 29, 2022, but there will be playtests on September 9, 2022, September 16, 2022, and September 18, 2022. But this might leave you wondering if the progress will continue.

Noall progress will be lost after the playtests finish. This means that you will not have anything unlocked or earned if early access begins. Unknown Worlds has confirmed that playtesters will have access to all season 1 units and captains for the playtest.

Will my paint jobs from the Moonbreaker playtest continue?

Any progress you make in Moonbreaker will be erased, but the creator has confirmed that any paint jobs made in the playtest will remain unchanged until the early access release. This is great news for painting enthusiasts who want to get their hands on Moonbreaker and paint some digital miniatures.

Unknown Worlds warns that those in the playtest may experience interruptions or unscheduled downtime.