How to Pair an Xbox Series X Controller with a PC

How to Pair an Xbox Series X Controller with a PC ...

When it comes to gaming, Xbox controllers have long been considered the finest controller to use with your PC. Although Nintendo Switch and PlayStation controllers may also be connected via various methods, Microsoft's Windows and Xbox platforms work hand-in-hand. The Xbox Series X is a console that emphasizes speed and power, and that remains true in its controller.

How to Pair an Xbox Series X Controller With Bluetooth in Windows

As soon as you connect your Xbox Series X controller to your PC, you can just reinstall it. First, navigate to the Windows search bar and type and enter Bluetooth and other device options. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, and click the plus button at the top titled Add Bluetooth or other device.

The plus icon indicates that you must connect an Xbox controller to your PC. The Series X controller has Bluetooth technology built into it, and does not require a Wireless Adapter. That is reserved for the Xbox 360 and original Xbox One controllers.

The keyboard on your PC should flash with a solid light after you select the Bluetooth option.