The filmmaker of See How They Run discusses how the Reunion with This Country influenced the film

The filmmaker of See How They Run discusses how the Reunion with This Country influenced the film ...

Tom George, the director of See How They Run, has shared his favorite funny moments on the set of his upcoming, star-studded whodunnit.

This stunning murder mystery is set in London's West End in the 1950s, featuring a large ensemble cast including the likes of Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell, Adrien Brody, and Ruth Wilson from His Dark Materials.

This Country is a mockumentary series by George, with two actors from the show, Charlie Cooper and Paul Chahidi, sharing the screen once again with hilarious consequences.

"Charlie and Paul are like kryptonite for each other in terms of laughing on set," George told Digital Spy in an exclusive conversation, when asked if there were any moments when the cast and crew couldn't keep a straight face on set.

Cooper jokingly stated, "Paul just falls over."

"It was fantastic to see Paul Chahidi perform some physical comedy," George said.

"But for me on a personal level, having Charlie and Paul in the film after the journey that we've been on with This Country, was like really special, and it made things easier for me because we've developed a bond and understanding of tone and how we like to collaborate."

Cooper and Chahidi's chemistry was inevitable to have an influence on the rest of the ensemble, allowing the other actors to "follow the example" and appreciate George's collaborative approach on set.

"I think it was also really helpful for other members of the cast because they were able to, like, subtly explain how these guys [Charlie and Paul] worked and how we connect together," George added.

He added that their method meant others could "follow the example of how we like to [work], rather than me giving orders, like telling everyone that this is the way it is going".

"To have them both on, it was like a real like dream," he said.

The film "See How They Run" will be available on September 9 in the United Kingdom and September 16 in the United States.

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