Viserys' wounds in the House of the Dragon are a Thrones legend deep cut

Viserys' wounds in the House of the Dragon are a Thrones legend deep cut ...

House of the Dragon wasted no time in establishing the many conflicts that are raging in the Seven Kingdoms. However, one of King Viserys Targaryens' greatest threats is largely playing out in the background.

The following articles include spoilers for House of the Dragon and Fire & Blood.

Viserys suffers a minor injury on his back after sitting on the Iron Throne, according to the maesters. The wound mysteriously refuses to heal. In fact, it is spreading. In the same episode, Viserys receives a second cut from the throne, which similarly becomes infected and leads to the amputation of two of his fingers.

The fact that Viserys' wounds will not heal is more symbolic than anything as simple as bacterial infection. The significance of being cut by the Iron Throne has deep roots in Targaryen history and Game of Thrones legend, dating back to the thrones' creation.

What does it mean to be cut off from the Iron Throne?

Aegon I Targaryen, the Viserys' ancestor, constructed the Iron Throne from a thousand broken swords he had taken from his foes in Game of Thrones. The ironwork monstrosity, as George R.R. Martin refers to it in Game of Thrones, was created with the intention of causing extreme discomfort.

Aenys, the son of Aegons, succeeded his father, but was eventually murdered by Maegor, Maegor's brother, the usurper. Six years into Maegor's notoriously brutal reign, his nephew Jaehaerys Targaryen raised banners against him. He chose to spend the night brooding alone on the Iron Throne, but the next morning, one of Maegor's wives discovered him dead in the seat with one of the thrones blade

Maegor's death is alleged in a number of ways, including that he committed suicide or that Elinor murdered him. Nonetheless, many believe that the Iron Throne is what killed him. This is what spawned the popular belief that the throne chooses who is worthy or not of ruling Westeros and that those who are deemed unworthy are hurt by its blades.

Is everyone who gets killed on the Iron Throne a dead person?

As a direct result of their wounds, no, or at least not.

Daenerys Targaryen's paranoid father Aerys II Targaryen was often dubbed King Scab because he stabbed himself so often on the Iron Throne, neither was he found dead on the throne nor of an infection as a result of one of his many cuts. Rather, his death came at the end of Jaime Lannisters sword.

The Iron Throne isnt a supernatural judge, jury, or executioner that decides the ruler itself. That being said, anyone who sits on the throne is already at a greater than average risk of death. If they are not a fit ruler, those odds increase exponentially.

What does Viserys' removal from the Iron Throne imply?

Viserys' acceptance of the Iron Throne does not take him long to realize that he isn't necessarily a great king. Such as his dismissal of the threat posed by the Crabfeeder and Triarchy, these actions only stoke more outrage against him.

The second injury to Visery's Iron Throne came immediately after his decision to remove Daemon from the line of succession, which may also be a clue that Visery's decision will only cause havoc for himself, his family, and his kingdom. It could also serve as another way to reinforce Daemon's belief that Viserys is incapable of enduring the consequences of his own power.

Viserys is less concerned with his health than with political machinations and the devolving stability of Westeros. However, Viserys has already lost two fingers as a result of his iron thrones reductions. Only time will tell whether or not he will pay the ultimate price for his failures as king.