Shia LaBeouf Discusses Padre Pio, The Film That Got Him Out Of His Exile As Actors

Shia LaBeouf Discusses Padre Pio, The Film That Got Him Out Of His Exile As Actors ...

Shia LaBeouf was on the verge of making a comeback in Hollywood with films such as Honey Boy, The Peanut Butter Falcon, and Pieces of a Woman, until he was confronted with a fresh film possibility that would free him from his acting exile.

Shia LaBeouf came to an end of his career and life in general when he attended a spiritual Zoom event, and fate encouraged him to approach filmmaker Abel Ferrara about taking on a role in Padre Pio. In an interview with Bishop Robert Barron, the 36-year-old said it did not feel like a simple coincidence to be offered a role like this.

It's just the beginning of my what now appears to be a salvific adventure from my side. I was still egotistical. I was still grabbing at straws. How do I get back on track again after this director that I respected, I've known him for making films that I've loved. For me, Bad Lieutenant is one of the greatest performances ever made. And I know he's an actors director, and I know in my egoic mind, this is a miracle. I'

Shia LaBeouf has faced a lot of problems in the past, including petty theft and battery charges, but what has been grabbing attention more recently is a lawsuit alleging that he abused his former girlfriend, which has revoked him from his participation in the Pieces of a Woman publicity and awards campaign. Not to mention that theres also conflicting accounts about what actually led to LaBeoufs departure from Dont Worry Darling.

What started as preparing for the lead role in Padre Pio lead to a life-changing decision on his beliefs. This led to him going to the San Lorenzo Seminary in Santa Ynez, California, where he studied the script for several months. He also studied the art of saying Mass, which was the heart of Saint Pios' life.

I began reading about a route. I started reading a map. Like towards something that felt like let go. That's exactly what I learned from the Gospels. If I could summarize it in two words, it's let go. And at the time that I was reading it, I was so attached to a life that I was slipping away through my hands to 35 years of management that the Gospel gave me this invitation to just let go.

Padre Pio appears to be Shia LaBeouf's saving grace in order to continue pushing forward in life. The Catholic-themed film made its debut at the Venice Film Festival, receiving mixed reviews from viewers.

Shia LeBeouf got a second role in Francis Ford Coppola's next film Megalopolis, which is about an architect who wants to construct New York City as a utopia. This actor might have a great career in the future if he learns how to keep away from controversy from here on out.