The most recent Apex Legends quest seems to confirm a map leak

The most recent Apex Legends quest seems to confirm a map leak ...

Apex Legends' newest battle royale map has taken a long time to develop, perhaps even longer due to spring 2022 leaks that revealed new legends, heirlooms, and a new map that was still in the works. The map in question was clearly unfinished, with plenty of untextured geometry all over it, but the bones of the map and its skybox looked like a meteor or moon that had been brutally broken apart.

The map, code-named Divided Moon, was originally thought to be the moon of Boreas, which Apex players last saw being broken apart by a comet in Seers Stories from the Outlands, Metamorphosis. Thanks to today's episode of the season 14, players may indeed receive a map set on the moon of Boreas in the near future.

Seer discusses his latest episode of Friends Like These with Lisa Stone, who was apparently still affected by what Seer had actually done for his home planet. Seer tells Rampart that he wants to bring the games to Boreas, thus bringing more money and effort to his home planet.

Given Duardo Silvas recent history, Rampart immediately clarifies that the person who manages the Apex Games isn't a sucker for generosity, and she's on the point: all signs continue to point to Boreas as the location for the next Apex map, and we may get that new map as early as season 15.

After the release of Storm Point in season 11, and Olympus in season seven before that, Respawn normally releases a map once every four seasons. The mentions of bringing the games to Boreas have also been made in several publications, including in magazines featured in Lifelines Medic, the latest POI to arrive to Olympus.

Seer's mention of the Apex Games to Boreas seems to be as close to a final confirmation as players will get before the new map is officially announced.