When will Sh*t Camp 2022 be held? Full schedule and all activities

When will Sh*t Camp 2022 be held? Full schedule and all activities ...

The savage gathering of streamers known as Shit Camp, sponsored by QTCinderella, is returning this year with a large contingent of participants including Ludwig, Valkyrae, and Hasan.

The kickball tournament will last four days, and last year several OfflineTV and 100 Thieves members made special guest appearances.

The Shit Camp this year will feature a wide variety of activities, beginning with a welcome ceremony on September 5. The event will conclude with a closing ceremony on September 8.

Streams throughout the week will be available across all participating streamers channels, with different activities dedicated to certain channels. The complete schedule for the event can be found on Shitcamp.live.

When does Shit Camp take place?The whole schedule and all activities

Erobb will stream fishing in the morning. Following those broadcasts, gamers will try their hand at archery on Rich Campbells channel. That will be followed by a birthday stream on Richs channel.

The main event for the day will be a late-night scavenger hunt broadcast on two channels, Maya and Hasans. The nightcap will be broadcast on the Ludwigs channel, where streamers will see the newlywed game.

The day will start off with some ziplining on the Cyrs channel, followed by an afternoon relay race on the Hasans channel. Austin will host a PJ party on his channel to close the night.

The final day of Shit Camp is by far the most packed. After breakfast on the Britts channel, Myth will broadcast a paintball match. After everyone has recovered, the Zoils channel will broadcast Zorb soccer for an hour and a half before the crew takes on boat racing on the Will Neffs channel.