A summery new Genji skin has been released by Overwatch League

A summery new Genji skin has been released by Overwatch League ...

To commemorate the conclusion of the Overwatch Leagues Summer Showdown, Blizzard has unveiled a new Genji skin.

Happi Genji is a skin that depicts the cyborg ninja in his human form. He wears a swim trunk, a towel, and a happi, a traditional Japanese coat that's worn at festivals. When paired with his gloved hand and green flip-flops that match his viridian hair, the result is positively tropical.

End the #OWL2022 Summer Showdown with a splash Slice up the competition as Happy Genji (Legendary)! Available in-game NOW! pic.twitter.com/QoBoTedItp

Happi can only be purchased with Overwatch League tokens from the OWL section of the game, which can be purchased directly or earned by watching OWL matches on YouTube Gaming until November 15 and will be accompanied by team remix skins later this year.

Shih Kai Chang contributed to an OWL blog post about Happis' design. The skin is inspired by both existing Overwatch skins, including Young Genji, and traditional Japanese festival wear. According to Chang, participants would scoop goldfish out of small lakes in order to enhance Genji's appearance.

The skin is now available in Overwatch's in-game OWL shop.