Moist Esports joins Apex Legends by signing Team Burger

Moist Esports joins Apex Legends by signing Team Burger ...

Apex Legends now has a popular organization, including a popular team. Team Burger, the Australian free agent team that made waves during Apex Legends Global Series LAN events in 2022, will officially represent Moist Esports in the next year of ALGS competition.

Team Burger became an internet sensation during the Split Two Playoffs in Stockholm, Sweden, and their fandom only intensified at the ALGS Championship in Raleigh, North Carolina. Despite not having any organization backing, the team placed ninth in Stockholm and 17th in Raleigh.

The people have spoken, and we have decided to take your pleas seriously.

Moist Esports, the leading content creator, established itself in the fighting game world, sponsoring players in games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Guilty Gear Strive. The organization later branched out from the FGC by becoming the Rocket League.

Team Burger seems like a great fit for the organization. Before the Split Two Playoffs, Matthew Emtee Trengrove, Ben Wxltzy Walton, and Joshua Jaro Green were relatively unknown outside the region. Among the most popular teams at the ALGS Championship, the fan group even made their own custom jerseys and Team Burger socks.

A better ALGS Champs exclusive T Exclusive Champs Hat Team Burger sockTo enter, go to my IG (/jonfalloutt, link in bio) and like, tag an Apex friend in comments, and share to your storyWinner drawn 12pm tmo

The Aussie team will now have the backing of an organization whose popularity coincides with that of their own. Watch Moist Esports in year three of ALGS. They're serious about business (and perhaps burgers).