Can Elgyem be a shiny object in Pokemon GO?

Can Elgyem be a shiny object in Pokemon GO? ...

Shiny Pokemon are all the rage in Pokemon GO. Niantic keeps updating the game, including new shiny forms for players to collect. Some Pokemon's shiny forms are more difficult to find in Pokemon GO, but they are well worth the effort.

In Pokemon GO, how do you catch a shiny Elgyem?

Elgyem doesn't spawn often in Pokemon GO, although it can usually be found most reliably during events like the Psychic Spectacular 2022 event. During events like this, especially ones highlighting Psychic-type Pokemon, players can usually find this creature roaming around in the wild. Outside of events, players may need to look far and wide for Elgyem.

Elgyem's shiny form may be difficult to find during these events due to its low likelihood of spawning. Once players have caught this Pokemon, they will need to acquire 50 Elgyem Candy to evolve it into Beheeyem's next evolution. Beheeyem also exhibits only minor changes in its shiny appearance.

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