Which Celebrities Voted for Kelly Clarkson on American Idol 20 Years Ago?

Which Celebrities Voted for Kelly Clarkson on American Idol 20 Years Ago? ...

Kelly Clarkson, a solitary waitress, grew from a global sensation to a world-class performer in the very first season of American Idol. Fans flooded her Instagram account to say that they were among the millions of people who voted for her.

Among the voters were some Hollywood greats, as well as individuals who might become stars themselves.

Clarkson claims that Idol voters have forever altered her life.

Kelly Clarkson's tweet is linked to her (@kellyclarkson).

Clarkson wrote in an emotional letter to Facebook on September 4, 2022, "I won American Idoland it forever changed my life." That moment opened up so much opportunities and creative partnerships that I will be grateful for all of my days."

After talking about some of the connections she's made over the years and the lessons she's learned from them, she wrote: Thank you so much to every single person that voted 20 years ago! Thank you!

Clarkson, 20, had previously attempted to make it in Hollywood as a backup singer after graduating high school, but she told The Guardian in 2011 that an apartment fire forced her to return to Texas, where she learned of auditions for a new musical program.

She said she had no money and she had to sleep in my car for three days. I just auditioned for this program that said it would pay you, and it happened to be American Idol. I didnt go into it thinking this would happen; I went into it believing it would pay my electric bill.

The Washington Post reported that 16 million votes were cast the night before Clarkson was crowned the winner, generating 58% of the vote, compared to Justin Guarini's 42% of the vote.

In 2002, a wide spectrum of celebrities rooted for Clarkson.

Clarkson didnt know there were a lot of celebrities among the millions of people who were voting. Several of them have since become celebrities.

Carrie Underwood, a season 4 champion at Clarksons, was among those calling in from home during the first season. In 2018, when a media poll pitted the two against one another, the stars tweeted their support for one another, with Underwood saying, "What, girl, I voted for you!"

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who starred in Clarkson's talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show in 2021, was surprised to learn how much she had meant to Clarkson when she revealed 20 years ago that she was enthralled by her. She said she went up to Clarkson to encourage her.

Clarkson explained that her marriage to her meant the world to her.

Janet Jackson, a music icon, was caught up in the excitement of hearing that one of her own idols had been with her throughout the years.

From the very beginning, I've been following you since American Idol, and always enthralled for you, true.

After Idol, even Snoop Dogg, who co-hosted the American Song Contest on NBC with Clarkson, was a fan of her. During a March 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight, the pair recalled him reminiscing about her saying her name backstage after her big victory.

Snoop Dogg said I didn't just say your name. I was like, Kelly Clarkson!! What's the deal with it!? It's Snoop Dogg!'

I was like, You know my name? I was shocked. I thought it was so cool, Clarkson said. He was just so kind. And yes, not everyone was very kind in the beginning like after that, because it was the first season. Nobody knew, in fairness, what was going to happen. But I can always remember it vividly.