Is Disney Dreamlight Valley comparable to Animal Crossing?

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley comparable to Animal Crossing? ...

Disney Dreamlight Valley takes you to Disney's magical world, where you've forgotten who you are. This article will explain how similar the two games are.

Customization options

Dreamlight Valley and Animal Crossing have a variety of similarities. For starters, both have worlds that you can alter. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Dreamlight Valley has a house that you may fill with furniture as well as altering other features such as the walls and flooring.

Take a walk outside, and you can customize the whole valley to look how you desire. What makes Dreamlight Valley different is that you may modify the whole valley on your own whim. You may move residents' houses and shops and place them wherever you like without having to ask them to move.


Both games emphasize friendships and getting to know the residents of the area where you reside. You can go to the villagers every day, gift them gifts, and learn how to prepare dishes from them. The villagers will interact with the environment of the island and can often be found exploring, fishing, or shopping.

Each level you gain in Dreamlight Valley, you'll unlock new items. Each resident comes with quests that you can complete to increase your friendship with them. The stronger the bond you form with a friend, the more rewards you'll earn when you hang out with them.

Crafting and cooking

Both games have a fairly similar crafting system that requires you to use a crafting table to create various items that you can decorate your house or town. These items are very plentiful and give you millions of possibilities when it comes to decorating. Along with crafting, both games allow you to explore a large area, fish for rocks, and collect other rewards.