Sauron Is Hiding in Plain Sight, According to The Power Theory

Sauron Is Hiding in Plain Sight, According to The Power Theory ...

The Rings of Power are spoilers in this Lord of the Rings article.

The first two episodes of The Rings of Power provided plenty of surprises for Lord of the Rings followers. Not only did we discover what all of that meteor business was about, but it also revealed a key Middle-earth character's origins, while also introducing us to a whole new subgroup of sneaky Hobbits (or Harfoots, as the show calls them) and revealing the crucial role they will play in the Second Age's history.

The greatest surprise of all was how quickly the show introduced the villainous Sauron. In the opening chapters of The Rings of Powers, we learn that, while Morgoth was defeated after centuries of bloodshed, marking the beginning of the Second Age, his right-hand-man Sauron escaped with what Orcs remained, never to be seen again for generations.

Galadriel, played by Morfydd Clark (Saint Maud) in the show, isn't so convinced, and has spent the last few centuries searching every corner of Middle-earth for Sauron in an effort to depose him once and for all. However, their latest adventure leaves her with no choice but to return home.

It seems that Galadriel's quest for the Dark Lord is over when she is rewarded for many years of service in the Undying Lands with her men and then sent back to Valinor (or the Undying Lands) with her men, and thus is forced to withdraw from her elf retirement against her will. Of course, because weve read J.R.R. Tolkiens many books and seen The Lord of the Rings movies, we understand that Sauron is right about planning his revenge, and that

A massive sea monster accompanies her journey back to Middle-earth, which she may have never considered. Luckily, she meets a mysterious guy named Halbrand, played by Charlie Vickers. Only Halbrand and Galadriel are left to face a tough storm at sea, one that seems to strengthen their friendship.

In the video below, you can see a little bit about him:

Halbrand Joins #TheRingsOfPower on Twitter.

Halbrand is an original character created for the series, and he does not appear in Tolkien's words. Although he appears to be the Aragorn-adjacent character in The Rings of Power, a shaky warrior adrift, and perhaps with a forthcoming romance with an elf in the works, some fans arent so convinced. In fact, theories that have surfaced on Tik Tok and Twitter are implying that Halbrand is a different person altogether

Galadriel's chance encounter with Halbrand might not be by chance at all, but Sauron himself is playing a game with the one who is after him when they discover Galadriel stranded at sea: Halbrand's looks can be deceiving, he says when one of his soon-to-be-eaten shipmates suggests that the elf woman doesn't look dangerous. To some, this line could be The Rings of Power, foreshadowing a future conflict in which Gala

Sauron may choose other abilities in order to deceive Celebrimbor and other Elves. In The Silmarillion, Tolkien described the sorcerer as a shape-shifter who took on the forms of animals and other beings.

From Tolkiens extensive histories, we know that Sauron was the one who manipulated the events that resulted in the death of Numenor, which will be featured heavily on the show. It's possible that The Rings of Power has created the character of Halbrand as another disguise for Sauron to perform his dark acts in the kingdom of men.

As the fateful events of the Second Age continue to unfold on The Rings of Power, which is available now on Amazon Prime Video, we have more questions than answers.